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Every season we get asked a lot of the same questions so we are going to add some of those here to save you time on waiting for a response from us.

Can we request a coach or a teammate?
These two questions are required by TSSA but is not something PSC considers. We want to ensure teams are as fair as possible so allowing people to make these requests can result in a stacked team. As our mission statement reads we want to ensure all players have fun while developing their skills. Putting together a winning team is not what we are looking for.

Can my player change teams?
PSC tries to make sure all teams are evenly filled by age and gender. However, there are some circumstances that do merit a consideration.  These requests must go through our Registrar and even then may not be granted as we try to keep rosters even and uniforms have been ordered.

Can my child play UP an age division?
Maybe. This decision is based on that player's skill level. If they have shown that they are one of the top players in their age group then we may agree to play them up to give them more of a challenge. We do not play a player up just so they can be on the same team as their best friend.

Can my child play DOWN an age division?
TSSA does not allow for players to play below their age level. However, PSC may make an exception in case of special needs. This decision is made by the PSC president and would need to be presented upon registration to give enough time to review the situation. One thing to note is we do have some exceptional coaches that work well with special needs kids and leaving them in their age group may be a better option.

My player is a U6/U8 player. Can we skip the Monday night Academy sessions?
The Academy night sessions are one of the two practice nights. If you choose to skip these then you are only hurting your player's development so please plan on this being one of your practices.

I ordered the wrong uniform size. Can I change this?
Once our order is submitted, we are unable to make any changes. In these cases, we suggest checking with your team to see if anyone can swap. Please make sure your uniform size is correct when you submit your registration.

My child just had their ears pierced and cannot take them out. Is this going to be a problem?
The Laws of the Game state that no jewelry is allowed. We will not make a player remove the jewelry, but we will not allow them to play with it in, so it will be up to the player/parent if you want to remove it.  While many think this requirement is trifling, there are several ways a player could be injured from wearing jewelry. This includes anyone that has "bonded" bracelets on their arms.

For players with their ears pierced, it has been approved for them to wear silicone tunnels to fill the hole.


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