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Division Name Team Name  FieldPractice Time Practice Days Volunteer Role Volunteer First Name Volunteer Last Name
4U - Coed 4-01 Root  5A,5B5:15 Monday, Thursday Head Coach Lauren Root
4U - Coed 4-02 Rediker  5A,5B6:00 Tuesday, Thursday Head Coach Kinsey Rediker
4U - Coed 4-02 Rediker   Assistant Coach James Rediker
4U - Coed 4-03 Smith  5A,5B5:30 Tuesday, Thursday Head Coach Megan Smith
4U - Coed 4-04 Roberts  5A,5B5:30 Monday, Thursday Head Coach Afton Roberts
 All 6U teams first practice will be on Monday @ 5:45 on Field 6
6U - Coed 6-01 Winkle  5C, 5D6:00 Thursday Head Coach Molly Winkle
6U - Coed 6-02 Roberts  5C, 5D6:30 Thursday Head Coach Afton Roberts
6U - Coed 6-03 Neace  5C, 5D5:30 Thursday Head Coach Ashley Neace
6U - Coed 6-04 Woolford-Cotter  5C, 5D5:45 Tuesday Head Coach Virginia Woolford-Cotter
6U - Coed 6-05 Trammel  5C, 5D6:00 Friday Head Coach Lauren Trammel
6U - Coed 6-05 Trammel   Assistant Coach David Trammel
6U - Coed 6-06 Troutt  5C, 5D6:00 Wednesday Head Coach Benjamin Troutt
 All 8U teams first practice will be on Monday @ 6:45 on Field 6
8U - Coed 8-01 Woolford-Cotter/Owen  6A, 6B, 6C, 6D5:30 Wednesday Head Coach Virginia Woolford-Cotter
8U - Coed 8-01 Woolford-Cotter/Owen   Assistant Coach Daniel Owen
8U - Coed 8-02 McClellan  6A, 6B, 6C, 6D7:00 Thursday Head Coach Paul McClellan
8U - Coed 8-03 Stewart  6A, 6B, 6C, 6D6:00 Tuesday Head Coach Lacey Stewart
8U - Coed 8-04 Puok  6A, 6B, 6C, 6D5:00 Friday Head Coach Dobong Puok
8U - Coed 8-05 Dotts  6A, 6B, 6C, 6D5:30 Wednesday Head Coach Kevin Dotts
8U - Coed 8-06 Newton  6A, 6B, 6C, 6D5:30 Thursday Head Coach Joseph Newton
8U - Coed 8-07 Taylor  6A, 6B, 6C, 6D5:30 Wednesday Head Coach William Taylor
8U - Coed 8-08 Cramer/Kakar  6A, 6B, 6C, 6D6:30 Thursday Head Coach Micheal Cramer
8U - Coed 8-08 Cramer/Kakar   Assistant Coach Gabriel Kakar
10U - Coed 10-01 Clark/Newton  8A, 8B6:30 Tuesday, Thursday Head Coach Bryan Clark
10U - Coed 10-01 Clark/Newton   Assistant Coach Joseph Newton
10U - Coed 10-02 Anderson  8A, 8B6:00, 5:30 Tuesday, Thursday Head Coach Sean Anderson
10U - Coed 10-02 Anderson   Assistant Coach Samantha Anderson
10U - Coed 10-03 Nichols/Monaghan  8A, 8B6:00 Monday, Thursday Head Coach Nick Nichols
10U - Coed 10-03 Nichols/Monaghan   Assistant Coach Ryan Monaghan
10U - Coed 10-04 Duncan/Ferguson  8A, 8B6:00 Monday, Thursday Head Coach Chris Duncan
10U - Coed 10-04 Duncan/Ferguson   Assistant Coach Luke Ferguson
10U - Coed 10-05 Baki  8A, 8B6:30 Monday, Thursday Head Coach John Baki
12U - Coed 12-01 New  75:30 Monday, Wednesday Head Coach Daniel New
12U - Coed 12-02 Short  77:00 Monday, Thursday Head Coach Charles Justin Short
12U - Coed 12-03 Boutwell  75:30, 5:00 Tuesday, Thursday Head Coach Jason Boutwell
12U - Coed 12-04 Staggs  76:00 Tuesday, Thursday Head Coach Joshua Stagg
12U - Coed 12-04 Staggs   Assistant Coach Kelly Stagg
15U - Coed 15-01 Pacheco/Carman  4, 1, or 25:30 Tuesday, Thursday Head Coach Francis Pacheco
15U - Coed 15-01 Pacheco/Carman   Assistant Coach Michael Carman
19U - Coed 19-01 Pacheco  4, 1, or 27:00 Tuesday, Thursday Head Coach Francis Pacheco


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